Home made paper

Since it's going to be a bright and sunny 29 C on Saturday, I was thinking I would spend part of the day making paper for gift wrapping.

Is anybody interested in me documenting the procedure, and making a tutorial? Leave a comment, and if there is a bit of interest then I'll endeavour to cover my camera with as much paper pulp as possible!

Vegan and Vintage  – (1:52 pm)  

I would love that!

I have been saving up old bits of paper for ages to make my own... I think seeing you do it will inspire me to get off my butt and do it!

xx Hollie (hokey)

crafty  – (2:01 pm)  

I'm interested!

I have done it with a paper making kit I picked up at an op shop, but it has a note-paper sized frame, I want to know how you do it, and what you use.

katiecrackernuts  – (2:13 pm)  

You know what I want to know? How you get that fantastic sorbet colour scheme happening across your papers. Mine look like I chewed on some newspaper and spat it at the frame. Yuk.

jippey  – (4:51 pm)  

Your paper looks really delicious. It would be very interesting to learn how you make it.

muralimanohar  – (5:52 pm)  

I have a kit I got from St. Vinnie's, too, and keep planning on trying out some fancy-shmancy natural fibers stuff....but then I get too lazy at the thought of trekking out there to FIND the natural fibers. :p

JEnny –   – (10:16 pm)  

oh yeah, I have that kit too! but I bought it brand new. Sigh.
Anyway. Yes, do, tutorial away. I'm interested in how you blend. I used a hand blender/whisk thing - you know, the one you wind with the handle? But a friend uses an old electric blender. The former is HARD work, but the latter uses power. Hmmm.
Please show us how, Jorth!

suzie wuzie  – (3:56 am)  

oo yes that would be great! i'm looking to get into handmade paper

Rachael  – (7:45 am)  

Oh, I just found my paper making stuff last weekend! I used to make it alot, but haven't for at least a decade!!! Anyways, would love a tute, then maybe I can give it a go too. BTW, what do you use to colour your paper? I think I remember using powdered paint?

katiecrackernuts  – (2:18 pm)  

Hope the tutorial is working out OK. I've tagged you here: http://katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com/2008/10/half-dozen.html
Please play along only if you want to.

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