For all the sewers out there

And that would be SEW-ers, not pipes of effluent. I can see how that could be confusing, especially since I am wacky enough to potentially post an entry all about effluent.

Anyhoo, enough of the idle chit chat - let's get to the point. Looky see what I treated myself to last night:

Three miniature ladies! I mean, a vintage pattern. Ahhh, I couldn't resist! Look at the nifty straps! And the pockets that are gathers that are pockets that are gathers - so smart! I purchased it from So Vintage Patterns, and let me warn you now: that site is a dangerous place. It quite often sucks not only time but money away from me, never to return, but like a lover who can't resist the bad boy, I will happily concede that it's always, always worth it.
Red. Definitely the red one. With some dressy vintage buttons. Lovely!

h&b  – (1:54 pm)  

I see a bust and a hip measurement ... but OMG, what size are those tiny, tiny waists as featured in the pictures ?

jorth  – (4:24 pm)  

I have no idea, but suspect a girdle may be required...!

Stacey  – (9:48 am)  

I'd have to crack out the Trinny & Susannah miracle undies to get anywhere near those.
Sewer is pretty interchangeable when it comes to describing me and a sewing machine, but I'm heading over to that site regardless. Gorgeous pattern you've got there.

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