A girl, her dog, and some MC Hammer pants

Finally got stuck back into the sewing!
Project specs
Design #15, Ottobre Magazine 1/2005
Fabric: Cotton quilting fabric
"Desert" pants, design # 17, Ottobre Magazine 1/2008
Fabric: Light-weight denim

Both were really quick sews, about 3 hours each all up, including doing the fiddly topstitching. I'm rather happy with the top, but I'll confess: the pants are a leetle bit too 'MC Hammer happy pants' for my liking. Still, Grumbles gives them a sticky thumbs up and requests to wear them everyday, which either means that she really really really likes them or that she has no taste.

Green Kitchen  – (2:55 pm)  

The cuteness is so much I can hardly stand it.

nikkishell  – (4:57 pm)  

Gorgeous outfit and gorgeous girl! She looks so much like her Mama :)

Belinda  – (7:51 pm)  

The top photo is so adorable. Love the top and the botttom, they look great!

Are you still opening a shop on Etsy??

Stacey  – (8:30 am)  

Your daughter is just beautiful and she looks so happy.
She's obviously enjoying a bit of "Hammer Time".

Jenny –   – (7:41 pm)  

what a cutie pie grumbles is. She doesn't look like she grumbles at all! Does she look more like you or the galumph?

I think she could model the rowan patterns for them!

Nic  – (3:03 am)  

very cute. i sewed me some hammer pants back in 8th grade--it was a lone cool moment in an otherwise mediocre wardrobe experience.

Make Money online  – (9:07 am)  

Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us. boo the dog

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