Moan, moan, grumble, grumble

I am having a craptacular week.

Firstly my brother was in a car accident, then my great aunty died, then Grumbles had her first day of kindergarten (a good thing, but still a trifle emotional for moi), then a pimple the size of Mount Vesuvius erupted on my face.

And now, to top it all off, today I came an absolute cropper on my bike, skinning two knees, one elbow and a large section of my leg. Thankfully I stayed within the bike lane. I mean, it's bad enough to fall off one's bike, but then to be run over as you sprawl on the road - geez, now that would be embarassing. Not to mention life threatening.

If anybody wants me I'll be in the bath (leg lifted gingerly out, other knee raised) with a glass of champagne, toasting my bad fortune/drowning my sorrows. Waaaah!

shellyC  – (7:24 pm)  

A really bad week! I hope the injuries are soon healed - though I would count on a few bottles of champagne to assist you!
All the Best.

MildlyCrafty  – (7:25 pm)  

So sorry to hear that. Hope your next weeks is ripper.

Meshell  – (11:02 pm)  

Oh no! Good thoughts coming your way x

nikkishell  – (11:36 pm)  

Oh poor you! I hope it all gets better from here. Hope you enjoyed the bath!

Stacey  – (11:39 pm)  

Oh dear! I hope you are on the mend. Nothing will fix you quicker than a bath and champagne.

ash –   – (3:21 am)  

Sounds like NO fun! At least you have come up with a solution!

chest of drawers  – (4:33 am)  

Prost, das die gurgel nicht verost!

Rachael  – (7:18 am)  

Enjoy the bath and champers, so sorry about the spate of unfortunate events (specially the Mt Vesuvius thing...) but it's done now, let the champers work it's magic!

em.s  – (4:22 pm)  

man, you have had it rough. i was going to say something positive and peppy, but then thought better of it. sometimes, its so painly clear that things suck right now. enough your champers, and the good soak - sounds like just the thing you need.

weirdbunny  – (10:59 am)  

Oh poor Jorth, you have had a traumatic week !

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