Bald monks and dry beds

Three dry nights in a row! Go Grumbles! I followed Nichola's advice, and got her up for a twinkle before I retired each evening, and that seems to have done the trick. To celebrate, we headed out for lunch downtown today. Nori rolls all around (or worry-wolls, as Grumbles would say!)

Downtown. Such a cute word, but one I very rarely use. Once I had a lecturer ask a friend and I out for lunch "downtown". We laughed for weeks over it. "DOWNTOWN!", we'd snort. "How affected!" He also told us the graveyards were perfect places to make love, especially to red-haired young maidens. My friend (a natural redhead) and I (an obviously false one, back then) didn't quite know what to make of that, especially since he was our lecturer, he was old, and he had a bald patch/hairstyle just like a monk in a bad movie. Still, he was an affable enough sort of chap, really quite harmless. And he did have a lichen named after him. I was always quite impressed by that.

kirsty  – (8:24 pm)  

I hope it keeps on this way. She's such a beauty.

Jo  – (9:23 pm)  

That is very exciting for you and grumbles. I am still waiting, and our doctor tells us it might not happen until she is a teenager! awesome

nikkishell  – (10:25 pm)  

Yay! I just started Esme tonight, took down her cot and she's sleeping in Mia's bed while Mia sleeps on the cot mattress and base like a futon. I put the potty in there and she got up to do one herself before she fell asleep. I'll be heading in there in an hour to get her up again. Finger's crossed but i think i could be up changing sheets through the night.

weirdbunny  – (2:26 am)  

Dry nights, such an acheivement !

What an odd old man your lecturer, so bizzare how people say what they want when they get old !

leslie  – (1:11 pm)  

can i get away with saying downtown if i'm a foreigner? i just can't shake the habit...

Jen  – (4:32 pm)  

Congrats on the dry nights! A wonderful accomplishment. :) Not sure what's up with the word downtown though--what else would you call, well, downtown? That-busy-area-where-it's-hard-to-find-good-parking? ;)


jorth  – (4:37 pm)  

Jen, here in Aus we just call it the city (as in the city centre), or if you grew up in a hokey little town like I did, then you headed down the "main street". Oh, thrills ahoy!

Jen  – (4:48 pm)  

Ah, thanks so much for the explanation! :)


Stacey (Sheeps Clothing)  – (11:50 am)  

Lecturer or letcherer??
That's a lovely photo of your cute girl. We had nori rolls in the city last week and judging by where your photo was taken, I'm guessing from the same place.
The boys love the train trip more than the destination.

Ash –   – (6:49 am)  

Downtown, a lovely song by Petula Clark!

shellyC  – (6:31 pm)  

Well Done on the dry nights!! We are still facing a big battle!

Stomper Girl  – (11:06 pm)  

Gorgeous photo of Grumbles. Yay her on the dry nights. We thought we had it covered and then regressed. Since then I've been too cowed by the thought of complaining pegs to try again.

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