Paper, cotton, leather, linen, wood!

On this day, 5 very short years ago, I married the Galumph!

The bride wore green, and a big goofy grin. The groom wore the darkest of blues, and an even bigger grin. And they both carried hearts full of joy, and a promise to walk together in the many days ahead.

chest of drawers  – (5:48 pm)  

You are a beautiful couple - happy walking!

mixtapezine  – (10:35 pm)  

sweeeeeet as
well done!

Claudine  – (12:07 am)  

Happy anniversary, you two!

nikkishell  – (8:42 am)  

Happy Anniversary!! Here's to many more to come.

Stacey (Sheeps Clothing)  – (10:46 am)  

You both look so full of hope and love.
Congratulations on the first five and may there be many more.

Stephanie  – (1:23 pm)  

Aren't you guys just the cutest couple ever, what a great shot. Happy Anniversary to you both.

h&b  – (1:55 pm)  

OMG - what a happy, beautiful pic ( and you both look so YOUNG .. not that I know how old either of you are .. )

Happy Anniversary !

Miss Meep  – (7:51 pm)  

Happy Anniversary - the dress looks gorgeous!

muralimanohar  – (1:48 am)  

Adorable Mr. and Mrs. Galumph. Congratulations!! :)

Kirsty  – (4:29 pm)  

Happy happy anniversary. That's a beautiful pic & a beautiful post.

starashan  – (9:15 am)  

congratulations and happy anniversary! :o)

shellyC  – (9:14 pm)  

Congratulations!!! You both look gorgeous. I would so love to see your dress (all of it) and in colour....I am sure it is so amazing!!

weirdbunny  – (3:33 am)  

Happy Wedding Aniversary !
And the bride wore greeen, please show us a colour photo, sounds fantastic ! ~ love Julia x

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