Should I or shouldn't I?

I've been having a little think lately about crafting and blogging, and Things In General, and, well, I'm wondering if maybe, just maybe, I should open up a little Etsy shop.

I could have spotty tops, and clothes for big people and small, and maybe even a few of these:

Whaddya all think?

missmeshell  – (3:05 pm)  

I think YES! Go for it :)

BTW, I was just trying to email you but my email isn't working, so thanks for the Lush rec, I got some of the coconut solid shampoo and it's loooovely. :) And thanks for the exam vibes!

Belinda  – (3:40 pm)  

YOU MUST! I'm always bookmarking clothes you make for Grumbles, thinking one day. Stuff that, if you have a shop I can just buy it!!

Girl Kae  – (4:32 pm)  

Yes! They're beautiful!

SadieandLance  – (5:54 pm)  

Why yes of course you should!

Maria  – (7:21 pm)  

Well, I would definitely buy some of the earrings!

gracia  – (7:52 pm)  

Oh, yes! Open up an etsy store! Please...

see you, grache

joyflea  – (9:13 pm)  

Yes, you should, because you style your photographs beautifully lovely.

Jo  – (9:27 pm)  

I love these!! Yes please open an etsy store.

shannon  – (7:50 am)  

Go forth and open jorthy, these look ace!

shellyC  – (10:33 pm)  

Oh yes - you really should have a shop!!! Love your creations!!!

M  – (11:49 am)  

Totally gorgeous. I'd check out your etsy shop.

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