Dead rat three times

Does anybody else remember that song? Although I think it's actually called DCX3 - dead cat three times. Oh lookie here - not the actual video but you can hear the song. Anyway, I mention it because the worst that could occur, has:

The rat has died somewhere under the house. Did Dante's Inferno feature a house verily consumed with dead rat smell? Because that is the hell I am living.

Oh, and Grumbles spent most of Sunday day and night throwing up. Damn gastro bug. Note to self: tie up her hair before she next begins to vom. Makes life much easier if you don't have to wash hair alongside the jim jams, sheets, pillow etc etc.

dana –   – (11:07 am)  

Oh dear, oh dear. Poor Grumbles, and poor you. I wish you healthier, sweeter-smelling days ahead. Also, congratulations on the dinnerdaily article. You are a clever girl.

herhimnbryn  – (7:00 pm)  

I have experienced the dead rat in the roof space and the smell was ghastly. We also had flies as a result...yurch! No amount of " well, we do live in a forest" type comments would help! I'm afraid I lost all my green principles and bug bombed the house!

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