Now I am 30

It's my birthday tomorrow, and I'm turning.... wait for it... thirty! And to be honest, I'm not actually finding it the big deal that most of my aquaintances have. After almost dying giving birth to Grumbles, I'm just thankful to be here full stop.

Although, now I'm thinking about it, a lot of things have changed for me in the last decade. So, to celebrate both leaving my third decade and entering my fourth (oh, groan, now I am feeling a teeny weeny bit over the hill!) I'm going to do a bit of a before and after.

This time ten years ago I was:
- bored out of my brain studying, amongst other things, haematology, microbiology, histology and clinical chemistry
- doing musicals in my spare time (geez, how embarassing)
- bemoaning the fact that I didn't have a boyfriend, and my prospects didn't ever seem to be improving
- living in a tiny flat by myself without a television, trying not to freeze to death in winter as the flat had no heating
- working at a supermarket to support myself
- scared of computers - I was convinced I would break them somehow

Now I am:
- a stay at home mum looking after my gorgeous Grumbles
- quite a proficient knitter and sewer
- not so scared of computers anymore - heck, I can even wrangle about in Photoshop!
- a big old hairy environmentalist
- happily, blissfully married, and soon to celebrate our 5th wedding anniverary (feel free to barf now)
- an avid swimmer, bike rider and walker
- much more cantankerous, passionate, agreeable, light hearted, wondering, can-do, bonkers, secure in myself, compassionate, and, more often than not, to be found in the kitchen cooking.

So happy birthday to me, and here's to hoping that the next decade is as fun and joyful as the last has been. Hoorah!

PS Delurk and wish me a happy birthday! Go on, I dares ya!

UPDATE! I can't believe I almost forgot my birthday tradition of giving away a little gift for all my lovely blog readers. Well, here it is now. You know the rules - leave a comment and if your name gets pulled out of the hat a copy of a super snazzy book of crafty goodness will be winging its way over to you. Hooray for birthdays!

Belinda  – (2:23 pm)  

Happy birthday!!! The thirties are the best, enjoy!

claudine  – (2:48 pm)  

Happy birthday, Liesl!! Hip hip hooraaaaay...!! :)

innernana  – (4:26 pm)  

Since I can't resist a dare.. Happy birthday!

Fairlie  – (5:32 pm)  

Happy birthday!

30 is a fabulous age.

Boffcat  – (7:31 pm)  

Haaaaappy birthday! (The extra 'a's are somehow meant to convey exuberance. No, I'm not sure how either.)

samantha  – (9:19 pm)  

I promise I was going to leave a comment even before I read the update!! Happy Birthday.

Gillian  – (9:26 pm)  

ditto Samantha!
Happy Birthday Jorth, I've been reading for bloody ages and enjoying your words v much - feel a bit guilty now LOL But being someone who needs a little goading now and then, thank you for the shove to say Hello!

BrownPants  – (9:32 pm)  

Happy Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful decade :)

nikkishell  – (9:33 pm)  

Happy Birthday you fabulous chick! I'll be joining you in May next year.

Anushka  – (9:58 pm)  

Ooh happy birthday! Another July girl I see...

Bron  – (10:04 pm)  

I shall delurk for the first time on your blog, not only to say a very happy birthday to you, but also to say that I have really enjoyed reading your sometimes quirky always honest posts; I was literally sobbing onto my keyboard re: birth story, to laughing about your adventures with Grumbles, and slightly jealous! at your fantastic self-made outfits. Looking forward to many more things from Jorth which refresh my day!

Violet & Rose  – (11:08 pm)  

A big Yay! to you for achieving so much and being so happy with it all. That's a great thing. Here's hoping the next decade is as wonderful. I have no doubt it will be. Happy Birthday Liesl!

Stephanie  – (11:27 pm)  

Isn't it amazing all that can happen in ten years! I feel like life gets better every year. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Anonymous –   – (12:07 am)  

::::clearing her throat::::: "Happy Birthday toooo yoooooooooou, Happpppppppppppy Birthday toooooooo yoooou!" Thirty and Fabu go together so well, enjoy~ I could resist a challenge I've lurking and enjoying your blog for many a month now.

Anne, from the other side of the hemi

Maria  – (12:28 am)  

I'm a new reader, found you just in time to celebrate your birthday! Happy birthday to you!

I am almost a year older than you - I too felt like turning 30 was not nearly the turning point that giving birth a few yrs earlier was (though my birth experience certainly doesn't compare to yours!).

Have a wonderful day! Your positive outlook is inspiring!

chest of drawers  – (1:29 am)  

Happy Birthday and cheers you old bag! (Hang on...if you´re 30 and I´m 40 what does that make me!?).

Maria  – (1:36 am)  

Happy Birthday! I like being in my 30's (I'm 31 - for another month) a lot better than being in my twenties!

shannon  – (8:43 am)  

Happy Birthday old duck! expct some badly made crafted goodness in your mailbox - did I not ask you last week when your birthday was??

Package hint: full of plastic and non-biodegradable stuff, cfc's (the more the merrier I say) and maybe some 4WD car components.

Anonymous –   – (8:44 am)  

Happy Birthday! I have been reading your blog the past 6 months or so. I enjoy your sense of humor and your environmentalism. I hope to have a blog soon and when that happens I will send you a message.

Happy Birthday,
Jenny from San Antonio, TX. :)

Alex  – (11:01 am)  

A great big happy birthday to you! I hope it's a great day for you!

62cherry  – (12:14 pm)  

hip hip hooray!!
i loved turning 30 i had the best year, and my ol my was my life a hell of alot different the 10 years prior to that......

Linny T  – (2:19 pm)  

Happy 30th birthday. I'm not quite there yet, but from what I hear the view is good!

dana –   – (4:35 pm)  

Happy Birthday to you! I wish you a wonderful day, year and decade. Thank you so much for your highly entertaining and engaging blog. I really enjoy your sense of humor.

Jenny  – (8:31 pm)  

Happy Birthday!

Cosy  – (8:36 pm)  

Happy, happy birthday! It's true: 30s are the best!

Janet  – (11:15 pm)  

Happy birthday Liesl! 30s are really good... all the bestest!

lisette  – (11:29 pm)  

happy birthday ! i had my first baby at 30 and my third at 40 - thirties are are a great time of your life :)

happy birthday hugs to you

Nic  – (2:40 am)  

Happy birthday! I was actually going to comment no matter what (bonus points for me), but then you said the magic words: "little gift," which ensured I'd pipe on up.

Thirty is beautiful, if I do say so myself. I've been thirty for seven months now, and it's going swimmingly. Yay for joining me in old-geezer land.


mj –   – (2:20 am)  

happy birthday!

Nik  – (6:54 am)  

Happy birthday, young lady.

shellyC  – (9:32 am)  

HAPPY HAPPY 30th Birthday Jorth!!

I loved your before and after lists. The 30's are great years - I have had 7 of them so far!!

Enjoy the celebrations.

joanne  – (10:35 am)  

happy birthday Leisl - its totally crap from now on - nah just jokin!! Hope you get lots of bootie that makes you you dont look hairy to me!!!

Lazy cow  – (8:34 pm)  

A bit late to the party, but happy belated birthday. Some big changes in 10 years! I loved my 30s, sigh.

good gracie –   – (12:41 pm)  

Officially de-lurking: Happy birthday, Jorth! Love your work.

LaLaita  – (2:41 pm)  

OMG I think I'm a bit late... anyway, happy birthday to you and keep going with this great blog which helps me escaping from work from times to times and reminding me that, after all, it really is a good life!

h&b  – (9:09 pm)  

OMG - I missed it !!

Hope you're still partying on. Love the self-portrait - you look fabb-oh.

Happy Birthday !!

leslie  – (2:34 pm)  

and a big happy birthday from me too!

Jo  – (9:16 pm)  

Hello - Happy 30th birthday to you! I hope you had a lovely day. Great post by the way.

Anonymous –   – (9:54 pm)  

Better late than never...Happy birthday, 40 is the new 30 so you've got years before middle age sets in...

Jen –   – (9:56 pm)  

A little late, but sending 30 birthday wishes to a crafty gal..

Sheeps Clothing  – (10:13 pm)  

Ooh, you found out about my secret lurking!! Happy 30th from someone who got there five years ago and survived.

suzie wuzie  – (7:39 pm)  

happy belated birthday! haha, i'm studying haematology and microbiology and i know what you mean. crafting/sewing/knitting is my creative outlet

Alicia P.  – (1:13 pm)  


--erica  – (6:48 am)  

happy belated sweet girl!
miss ya!

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