The big three!

Cor blimey! See how much she's grown!

Three months

One year

Two years

Three years

Happy birthday to my Grumbles! Although your entry into the world wasn't the happiest, I'd do it all over again in a moment, in a flash, in a heartbeat, without a second thought, because the last few years have truly been the very best of my life.

Fairlie  – (2:48 pm)  

Happy birthday Grumbles!

h&b  – (3:05 pm)  

'made it myself' tag - rofl ! ;)

And I am NOT CLICKING ON THE BIRTHSTORY LINK AGAIN. Coz I don't have enough Kleenex ;)

Happy B'day Cutie-Girl !

Anonymous –   – (4:53 pm)  

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little cousinette!
Can't wait to see you next week,
love Narda

claudine  – (5:13 pm)  

Happy Birthday, sweet Grumbles! :)

nikkishell  – (6:32 pm)  

Happy birthday sweetie pie!

Janet  – (6:38 pm)  

happy birthday Grumbles!

crumpet  – (6:45 pm)  

h&b really wasn't kidding about the tissue... wow.

Happy Birthday Grumbles!

Anna –   – (7:47 pm)  

She really has a sunny smile :)

Susan  – (8:03 pm)  

Oh, she's especially gorgeous. I read the story of her birth earlier this year, I agree with the lots of wiping of the eyes, blowing of the nose. Congratulating you, welcoming your daughter.

joanne  – (9:37 pm)  

happy birthday gorgeous girl

Stephanie Lynn  – (3:20 am)  

Wow, what an amazing story! I hope she has a wonderful birthday, and you too.

Suse  – (1:11 pm)  

Happy birthday little one, and happy birth day to dear Jorthy.

PS. Re the butterdish, I answered in the comments section of my blog.

herhimnbryn  – (8:14 pm)  

You did an amazing job making this glorious, bewitching creature:)

DelightfulJen  – (9:07 pm)  

Three is such a truly delightful age, I hope you'll enjoy the year with her very much, she's beautiful :)

Boffcat  – (12:03 am)  

Happy Birthday, Grumbles!

Clare –   – (4:53 am)  

Scary story, but I can see that she is well worth it. Happy Birthday little one.

rhembein  – (9:46 am)  

Happy Birthday to a very cutie pie!!

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