Woohoo! I got me a funky new pair of jeans!

Hooray - my arse is on the internet! (Shown for purposes of topstitching only)
So, whadaya think? I'm rather pleased with them. I made quite a few modifications: I brought the legs in 2 cm at the waist, tapering in to 4cm each side, and brought in the yoke 2cm at the centre back, as it was looking a little on the gappy side. I also decided not to topstitch the waistband or add the belt loops, as I thought all that red topstitching was quite enough detail, thank you very much! And the pocket lining is red and white polkadots. Polkadots - cooooool!
I'm a-telling you, I love the fit. They are snug without being so tight that your lady bits start to suffocate. I feel very rock chick in them, bwahahahah! A very warm rock chick - they feel much cosier to wear than my crappy old ones. It'll be homemade jeans from now on, methinks. I mean, how rock is that - I'll be totally anti-establishment. Awesome. Well, until I get sick of putting those darn waistbands on. The air verily turned blue as I wrestled it on this afternoon. Is it just me, or does anybody else have any trouble taming all that folded denim with interfacing, and making it sit just right? Man, it's hard work.
So, that's one item knocked off my S.W.A.P. list. One down, 10 to go - gulp!

Project specs
Pattern: Stretch jeans pattern from Ottobre magazine 1/2006
Fabric: Denim, 1.25 metres
Notions: Interfacing for waistband, red spotty cotton for pocket facings, 15 cm jeans zipper, 15mm button, red topstitching thread

lisette  – (6:20 pm)  

wow! they look fabulous - well done, i'm deeply impressed

justine  – (7:03 pm)  

they are wicked! you rawk!!

Claire –   – (8:08 pm)  

fan - bloody - tastic!L

claudine  – (9:42 pm)  

Man! That's fantastic!! Very rock chick indeed! Oh, and I love the red top stitching.

Anna –   – (9:46 pm)  

Awesome! I feel even taunted by the Idea to sew a simple skirt for myself, so your jeans leave me in total awe :)

samantha  – (10:38 pm)  

Oh my god, how good do they look?!! Fanbloodytastic.

joanne  – (10:45 pm)  

I have not heard the word "yoke" since my just jeans days.... bloody you look hot!

Nichola –   – (11:23 pm)  


catol –   – (11:48 pm)  

Wow they look fabulous. There can't be anything better than custom made jeans!

Erica B.  – (2:33 am)  

Those jeans are marvelous! I am absolutely crazy about the red topstitching!

crumpet  – (9:26 am)  

Those are awesome. I've been tossing up making my own jeans for when my third $7 pair (I struck gold a few years ago, and got three pairs of awesome new jeans for $21 total...) finally die. After seeing yours, my mind is well and truly made up.

Fairlie  – (9:28 am)  

They are very cool...and such a good fit. I'm so in awe...

weirdbunny  – (10:11 am)  

Jorth your talent is never ending !

dana –   – (4:15 pm)  

You are amazing. I would never be able to fit myself as well as you have. Way to go!!

Marji  – (10:32 pm)  

Awesome indeed! Great fit, great topstitching.

chest of drawers  – (1:27 am)  

Wow, how talented are you! You look mighty fine in those denims!

gold  – (6:14 am)  

Pat yourself on the back.You did a great job.

Anonymous –   – (12:41 pm)  

A very warm rock chick,huh??

It should say, One hot rock chick!!!!

herhimnbryn  – (8:10 pm)  

You are one very wicked rock chick! Seriously, am in awe of your talents. They look fandabbydozy.

erica  – (2:44 pm)  

yah. ditto what claire said..
and add to that..

rhembein  – (3:08 am)  

Wooo hooo and a BIG high-five!! Those look great!! You just may have inspired me enough to finally make something for me! It's been a while! :)


Allana  – (7:23 pm)  

Fantastic jeans!! Love the red topstitching too ")

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