Today is election day in the Australian state of Victoria.

In our fine, dry land it's compulsory to vote, so there is always a long, snaking line.

But the best bit (apart from having your say about who should run the state)? Aaaaah, the sausage sizzle at the end!

joanne  – (1:19 pm)  

God love a sausage sizzle!

justinamaria  – (3:59 pm)  

yay for the sausage sizzle!

dancingmorganmouse  – (6:58 pm)  

There's nothing better than a post-vote snag on white bread!

nichola  – (7:14 pm)  

I can't vote yet, not a citizen, but i hope to be soon!

shula  – (1:46 pm)  

Damn! You get a sausage sizzle?!

Vita  – (3:14 am)  

How does one enforce compusary voting?

h&b  – (12:31 pm)  

Nice venue - very posh !!

MmMm - snossages ...

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