A dress, a plastic shell and some pimples walked into a bar...

Random things:

- Recently our suburb had a hard waste collection day, and the Galumph was quick enough to grab this little beauty off the street. I always wanted one of these shells, and let me tell you, it's GREAT! Whack in a dribble of water (even better, use the bucket of water collected whilst showering), put the Grumbles in her bathers and hey presto, she's happy for hours. One of these days I might even don my togs and jump in there myself.

- I've finished another dress, and I am so excited about this one that it's pathetic. Unfortunately, you'll all have to wait for pics, as our rechargable camera batteries aren't playing ball. Over 10,000 charges my sweet arse. Try, hmmm, 53 at best. How can I be a concerned enviromentalist, dutifully recharging my batteries instead of buying new ones all the time if they are going to conk out on me faster than you can say "oh, look, another crap product labelled as green". Answer me that, battery makers.

- I upgraded my skincare range from cheapo supermarketo to something much more swish, and my skin has decided to celebrate by breaking out in as many ways as possible. It almost looks like I'm desperately trying to win the "Most Acne Riddled Skin, Sponsored by Scary Chemical Cleaner, and If You Win We'll Put You Up On Our Website So People With Hangovers Who Need To Go To Work Can Take One Look At Your Photo Then Rush To Throw Up, And Thus Manage A Day At The Office With No Further Danger Of Hurling Because Thanks To You and Your Hideously Grotesque Zits They Have Got It All Out Of Their System" competition.

Lazy cow  – (2:51 pm)  

I think your poor skin is trying to tell you something:-) Written by someone who prides herself on not spending more than $10 on skincare products at a time. (Facial oil, mild soap and a face washer, and some fantastic organic face wipes from the health food store - for those nights I just can't be bothered).
Love those clam shells too, but we have the one that closes so the water and sand get mixed together and it isn't pretty.

chest of drawers  – (5:58 pm)  

That happened to me too when I changed my skincare products but my skin settled down after about 2 weeks and looked better than ever. Love that little shell!

yaya  – (6:02 pm)  

I just started drinking this fantastic complexion tea from my health food store and I noticed a difference in a week. I haven't had acne since I was 16 but now...I think I could give you a run for your money!

fiona  – (9:48 pm)  

We also have one of those clams, and it's been a big hit with the toddler. Unfortunately, we keep leaving it on the back lawn and forget to move it so it leaves great big clam-shaped circles of dead lawn in its wake. Nice!

Can't wait to see your dress!

Vita  – (4:05 am)  

At least take a stoll through the clam shell--wheee, fun. We had a turtle when DD was Grumbles-aged. Loved your acne story, as exageration is very amusing. Ha ha. Likewise the dead battery tale, except I am eager to see new dress. Sorry for your troubles. All will be well soon.

nichola –   – (9:17 am)  

I asked in David Jones about a new skincare range last week, i almost choked when i was told how much it would cost me and quickly turned on my heels and sped out of the door. Maybe i'm a cheap arse (yes, i am) but there's no way i'm going to spend a few hundred dollars on some creams.
I'm eager to see your new dress!

Nik  – (10:56 am)  

I'm complaining about the state of my skin these days too. I'm having a difficult time finding an all day oil control treatment that doesn't break me the heck out.

Marianne  – (11:35 am)  

I want a shell too! Problem is, I don't have any leetle childrens and the people might think it strange that I have a shell just for lil ol' me...hmmm. Can't wait to see yer brand noo dress! And I hope the zits piss off soon. They suck big time. I'm growing what appears to be a second head on my cheekbone at the moment. Nice.

Stomper Girl  – (2:59 pm)  

Snap! We've had hours of fun in our rescued from the hard-waste clamshell. Can't post our pics though, my boys always nude up for the shell..

shellyC  – (11:49 am)  

What is it with the zits at the moment??? I have a few huge ones - but rather than cover them up I let the world think I am still a teenager - a very haggard one!!

herhimnbryn  – (10:28 am)  

J. Get the el cheapo stuff again!

gracia  – (12:34 am)  

Congratulations on the dress!
And commiserations on the spots...
see you, gracia

--erica  – (3:24 am)  

my skin always freaks out too.. give it time!

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