I'm soooooo tired. The last two nights have been spent continually getting up to change vomitty sheets as poor old Grumbles battles a nasty virus that's a mix between gastro and the flu. Yum. Poor kid - she doesn't even have an appetite for icy poles (don't worry, it's what the doctor said for her to have, as water will make her throw up more quickly and dammit she's right, it did!). I have to admit, I'm not feeling so hot myself. Thank goodness the mother-in-law-ship is coming over to look after us. As soon as she steps in the door I'm going to just blob under a doona, maybe watching Anne of Green Gables. Actually, no I won't. I never do. I'll run around before she comes, tidying up the house, and then insist on making dinner and endless cups of tea for her, because I'm pathetic and have no idea how to blob.

nichola  – (12:11 pm)  

Ugh you poor things. I hope you do decide to just 'blob' and let your MIL take over for a while.

shannon  – (12:54 pm)  

oh that is sad. Spewing and pooing are my least favourite of hobbies. Get well soon!

claudine  – (1:13 pm)  

Oh no! Poor Grumbles and you :( Hope you both get well soon. Go, go and blob!!

Lazy cow  – (1:32 pm)  

Please go and lie down. That's what MIL's and mothers are for: to help you. Go and watch the luscious Gilbert and swoon. Hope you're both better soon.

Marianne  – (2:18 pm)  

I hope you both GET WELL PRONTO. Rest up, and I hope the chuckaramas vamoosh soon soon soon...

joanne –   – (8:06 pm)  

poor little grumbles - nothing like a bit of spew to keep you on your toes

h&b  – (10:17 pm)  

I'm the same with the cleanup and tea .. esp with the MIL rather than the plain ol' M.

Hope you decide to opt for doona & rest instead :(

Vita  – (12:46 am)  

Oh, poor Mummy and Grumbles. I had to laugh at your description of yourself as pathetic with no idea how to blob. I was also awed by your terms blob and under a doona. What's it mean to be under a doona?
Best wishes for wellness very soon. Won't mother-in-law-ship will be happy to make her own tea and bring you some, too, while you attempt to learn the fine art of blobbing? Let her feel needed.

jorth  – (8:03 am)  

Vita, a doona is what us Aussies call a duvet. Essential blobbing material!

fiona  – (2:43 pm)  

Oh no! Hope you feel better soon - and that you blob to your upmost blobbing ability. xo

Kate  – (6:13 pm)  

Oh yuck - tummmy wobbles are a very boring thing to contend with, [by boring I means ghastly!], did the doc also recommend flat lemonade? It is a nice bit of sugar along with all the fluid.

sarah  – (9:05 pm)  

tummy bugs are NOT fun, hope you are all feeling much much better xxx

herhimnbryn  – (11:24 pm)  

Heal and rest both of you. The MIL will be only too pleased to help out.
Can I suggest The Railway Children on DVD( the original film, that is). It will make you both feel lots better.

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