What did I do on the weekend?

Oh, I had fun! We went down to my mother-in-law-ship's place, down on the coast, and took not one but two walks that ended in us scampering for shelter away from the rain. At one stage it even hailed - what a riot! And I'm wearing my new woollen wrap top (made using this pattern here), which is another reason for my 'grin-like-an-idiot' cheesy.

Did I mention the wind? No? Well, it was windy. Super windy. Fantastic to blow all the cobwebs away. Good times. And very pink cheeks.

Joanne  – (2:28 pm)  

I think you are just showing off now with your woollen goodies! It looks great!

jorth  – (2:31 pm)  

Showing off? Never - just feeding the blog!

Marianne  – (3:04 pm)  

Lurrrv lurrrv lurrrrrv that wrap top!
There's nuthin' quite like a trip to the beach on a windy day to re-energise, eh? 'Twas crazy out there on the weekend - I'm suprised ya'll didn't get blown away!

Shannon  – (4:00 pm)  

Yes showing off your super-craftiness. I agree. Shes onto you man....

shellyC  – (4:29 pm)  

Love your wrap!! Is there a constant "click click click" in your house? You really are churning out some fantastic knits!

Cherry Rolfe  – (7:09 pm)  

What a lark - some of the best walks are in bad weather - reminds me of a walk when Binky was Grumbles age - she still remembers us all huddled in a phone booth sheltering from hail!

jorth  – (7:38 pm)  

Shelly, this one was done on the sewing machine using a knit fabric. Man, was it quick!

Alice  – (8:48 pm)  

What a lovely, happy photo. We prefer walks in cooler and more invigourating weather, too (though the sunshine is lovely).

Great idea - sewing a knitted top. Much faster. Looks good.

herhimnbryn  – (10:03 pm)  

What a gorgeous pic. I can feel the cold air. your wrap does look great. Feeding the blog indeed!

Vita  – (1:41 am)  

Oh, joy! Makes me happy, this picture. Was your v cute new wrap warm? I love what Grumbles is wearing.

jorth  – (7:52 am)  

Vita, it is super warm! I don't think I've taken it off me since I made it (ok, to sleep and bathe, but that's it!)

gracia  – (1:16 pm)  

A wonderful crafty wrap for a spot of blowing the cobwebs out of your system!
see you, g

weirdbunny  – (2:37 am)  

Isn't the beach superb on a cold and windy day. It always reminds me of my childhood, going to the beach on boxing day to watch the waves crash against the rocks, with flasks of hot chocolate.

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