Father's Day

Father's day was...

- Cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast, with a pot of tea (so civilised!)

- Lots of lying on the bed whilst Grumbles had her sleep, reading interesting new books

- A family bbq that afternoon in Brighton, huddled under a canopy, hoping that it wouldn't rain

- Champagne that evening whilst watching Pretty Woman (gee that film seems so innocent now! I mean, I know she's a prostitute and all, but still, innocent compared to the bump-n-grind that features in the average video clip these days)

Happy Father's Day, Galumph! I'll watch soppy movies from the early nineties with you anytime.

herhimnbryn  – (2:51 pm)  

Mmmmmmmmm, cheesy scrambled eggs!

chest of drawers  – (3:20 pm)  

Sounds like a lovely day. My Dad back in Australia is probably angry again because I missed father´s day though - here in Austria it´s in June.

Alice  – (5:14 pm)  

Yes, how very civilised of you! We really must make more of an effort here. Thing is, if I watched OH's choice of film, it would be something like Jaws. Not exactly Pretty Woman.

Your family really knows how to celebrate.

Joanne  – (9:57 pm)  

yum cheesy scrambled eggs - deeellliiissshhhh and that book is on the abc book club review next programme. Im thinking of purchasing....

Vita  – (2:40 am)  

BB is very popular in this house, so will look for it in local library, as I am on a No New Books plan.

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