The big 3-0

Happy birthday, Mr G!

shannon  – (11:55 am)  

Are you pinching the back of his neck?

And I think he lied to you about his age. He looks about 16...maybe its the mood llighting....!!

jorth  – (12:01 pm)  

Yeah, he's a baby face, that's fer sure!

Alice  – (5:43 pm)  

Oh Happy Birthday! And still only thirty......

What a lovely photo.

shellyC  – (7:42 pm)  

Happy Birthday Mr G!!!!!

Becky  – (3:04 am)  

Happy birthday! He looks fab and I can't believe he's THIRTY? And what is it about guys that they manage to defy age?

Joanne  – (9:12 am)  

Happy Birthday !! What a babyface - Are you sure you didn't use a stand- in??

jorth  – (7:35 pm)  

Use a stand-in for the very best of men? C'mon!

herhimnbryn  – (4:47 pm)  

Happy Happy Birthday Jorthman!

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