Happy Birthday!

As far as birthdays go, this one was pretty darn fabulous! There were fairy lights, and lunch at a cafe, and delectable dense chocolate patty cakes with raspberries hidden inside, and presents galore (the opening of each one accompanied by an excited 'Whooooo!' sound from the birthday girl), and proud grandparents (not to mention stupidly proud and besotted parents!) and lots of smiles and laughter. After all that excitement, it seems a bit dull and flat around here now. Just as well it's my birthday in three shorts weeks - whooooooo!

Speaking of whoooos, thank you all so much for your lovely comments concerning the birth day. I'm so sorry I made some of you cry - if it's any consolation, there were tears being shed as I wrote it, but happy tears - the 'gosh-I'm-a-lucky-girl' sort of tears, maybe followed by big teary, snotty slurps of red wine. Bwahahah, definitely maybe, as the lads from Oasis would say!

Right, I've started quoting the Gallagher brothers. Definitely time to log off!

shannon  – (1:20 pm)  

Too cute with that little flippy hairdo and fringe!

And as far as birth stories go, dont be too shocked if Australian Story comes knocking at your door.

Cherry Rolfe  – (12:07 am)  

Happy Birthday precious Grumble!!

herhimnbryn  – (11:39 am)  

Happy birhtday to you
Happy birthday to you!

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