Weekend wrap-up

And what a weekend it was! The Galumph took Friday off, and we raced around and did a thousand and one odd jobs that we'd studiously avoided doing for months. We took Grumbles to the maternal health nurse, I had a doctor's appointment and rejoiced to hear that I had antibodies to measles, mumps and chickpox, therefore didn't need any immunisations done (yay, needle avoidance!), we had a lovely lunch out and then plodded through the rain to do our grocery shopping.

Then on Saturday we hunkered down at home, and I spent the day cooking for that evening's dinner party. We feasted on proscuitto and fig tarlettes; carrot, leek and Dutch cream potato soup; simmered garlic sausages on a bed of braised lentils with pancetta and then polished the whole lot off with home made chocolate and Kahlua icecream. Burp!

The next day I thought: Cripes! What a pig! Best do some exercise, so we raced around on our bikes for a while, then finished the afternoon off with a trip to the park:

Oh, and I cut my friend's hair and finished a top for Grumbles. I also cooked quinces, since it was so cold. Vanilla beans and cloves are the key to a mighty fine quince. And lashings of cream. If I keep going like this, I'll soon be so fat that I won't be able to get out of the house.

Ok, off to do some star jumps (or at least think about doing some, because I am nothing if not lazy). Have a good day!

Shannon  – (3:55 pm)  

Burp indeed! Youre abit of a gourmet arnt ya?? And do I see grumbles in a Duffel coat....? very jealous.

One more: I can cut hair too
(Add it to the freaky coincidence list!!)

chest of drawers  – (5:00 am)  

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! All that yummy food!

shellyC  – (9:39 pm)  

Wonderful dinner party food....hope there was some of the icecream left over for Sunday..monday...tuesday...etc

blackbird  – (9:49 pm)  

My gosh you've been busy...
and it all sounds so GOOD.

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