O Bloggers of the blogiverse, I need thy help! This is the top I've been making for my friend's birthday, but I'm a bit unsure about the ruffle. What do you all think? Does it work? Is it good, bad or merely fugly? Please, comments and suggestions would be most welcome!

(Oh, and if anybody can tell me how to take a picture of myself in the mirror without looking cross-eyed, that would be good too! Cheers!)

AP  – (11:16 am)  

Ohh it's great! I really like the ruffels, it's not fugly at all.
Good work!

Submissive  – (11:16 am)  

The top is hot, but maybe instead of ruffles you could try lace (please keep in mind that I'm currently obsessed with lace)

jb  – (1:02 pm)  

Looks fine to me - but what would I know - I'm a bloke.

Anne –   – (7:03 pm)  

Cute haircut, cute top!

Nik  – (4:27 am)  


now, if I were wearing it, it would be fugly.

shellyC  – (7:11 am)  

Looks really great on you!!!! I like the ruffle....YOU can really wear it!!

Mrs Davey –   – (10:25 am)  

it looks great and you look fantatsic in it - no fuglinesss factor at all

Alina  – (10:29 am)  

Hmm. I'm not so sure about the ruffle either, but I tend to go for simple / striking, and would maybe go for a bold strap in the same place but in a contrasting or other colour that tones with the brown?

chest of drawers  – (4:00 pm)  

Hi! I think it would look better without the ruffle, straight across, pure and simple.

Cherry Rolfe  – (4:50 am)  

Just come across you from twelve22. Are you also the Leisel on You knit What!!??
What a wonderful young mother you are. As an old hag with a fledgling and a fully flown adulkt under her wing, I hope you always stay just as you are. I had some hiccups in my early motherhood that marred things and diverged the path I thought I was on, but you seem to be following a path as true as a Sagittarian. Keep on keeping on. You are doing great!
Plus the ruffle is deeeee-vine! The world needs more ruffles. Who wants boring old straight across. We have enough of those!

weirdbunny  – (9:02 am)  

Hi - actually I hate the kids bringing blue bells into the house as they smell of cat's wee in enclosed spaces!!

--erica  – (11:03 am)  

oh my gosh you're cute!

shannon  – (2:56 pm)  

Lucky some others were more useful than me!

Alice  – (6:28 am)  

No, I love that ruffle. You must keep it.....

Anonymous –   – (12:42 pm)  

I LOVE the ruffle - keep it.

herhimnbryn  – (6:05 am)  

It looks great as it is to me. Also it's nice to meet you in person at long last!

lilymarlene  – (4:19 am)  

When you have composed the picture, then decided to click to take the picture....then look away fro the camera picture and up at yourself in the mirror. Then you won't look cross-eyed!

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