You want knitting? I got you some knitting!

Ruffles is finally finished! Big thanks to Doggie for modelling - doesn't he look dashing? (Well, it was either that or put my ugly mug on the blog again, and I thought twice in the space of a week was probably too much for you all to bear)

So, a question for the big wide internet: Is anybody interested in the pattern? Let me know, and I'll post the instructions for it.

shannon  – (12:33 pm)  

How lovely, is that for Grumbles? can I commision you to knit me a beanie for easter camping?
I should email you my knitting attempts, you can store them in a folder that is titled 'when in need of belly laugh open this folder'.....

chest of drawers  – (3:59 pm)  

I´d love to know how to make it! Looks great!

gracia  – (10:43 am)  

Hi Leisl, that's great! Glad to provide some weekend activities. Just thought I better add the gallery hours for X Marks the Spot are: Monday-Friday 9.30am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-5pm. Building 2 Bowen Street, RMIT. Hope this still fits with yer plans & thanks for swinging by my blog... cheers, gracia

Tracy  – (6:32 am)  

beautiful scarf! is the pattern difficult? i am still a bit of a novice...

becky  – (11:00 pm)  

That's a beautiful scarf, L! You should definitely post the instructions for it. I bet a lot of people would love to knit it!

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