Finally - all nine are completed! Now I can concentrate on the Knitting Olympics (starts tomorrow!) and the Sew?I Knit! skirt.

Project specs:

Pattern: Own

Fabric: Cotton patchwork fabric

chest of drawers  – (4:15 pm)  

They are beautiful!
I am mainly a sewer, I saw the "Sew? I knit!" site, do you think I could still join in the skirt thing?

herhimnbryn  – (4:24 pm)  

Oh,oh,oh! These are beautiful. You are 'stremely talented.

Alexandra G  – (5:01 pm)  

What happy clothes! I want a polka dot shirt too! It was so fun too reading your tag answers too (I'm actually the one who wrote the questions and started it this past Sunday!)
And I share your goal of a teenier tummy- go us!

Olga  – (4:25 am)  

Those are so sweet! Love them! Found your blog through the Sew? I Knit blog...looking forward to seeing what you next whip up!

Suse  – (12:21 pm)  

They're gorgeous. Now if only I had a little girl to put in one!

sarah  – (10:37 pm)  

ooh thanks for showing the finished product they are just darling!

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